Ch450 Summary

Early release from the chinese guys this week!

Ch450: The Tenacity of Bandits
-Chapter starts with the cornered Raido shouting to Zenou to use the “Fire Rabbit”.
-Both commanders took out their whistle and blew it.
-Upon hearing the whistle, all of Kanki’s soldiers in the area start running from the area.
-The “Fire Rabbit Whistle” has helped the ex-bandits escaped death multiple times. Upon hearing the whistle, all commands are over-ruled and its an everyone will fend for themselves. The bandits will then run in different direction like a bunch of rabbit sensing danger.
-The escape is disorganized and the Zhaos starts to pursue and kill the escaping Qin soldiers.
-Kanki commented that even though he feels uncomfortable hearing the “Fire Rabbit Whistle”, he thinks that Raido made the right decision at the right time. His deputy also said that this will help prevent the total annihilation of the 2 trapped armies.
-Kanki knows that in the eyes of the Zhaos, this kind of escaping strategy is too primitive but in fact it is also the most effective method of escaping danger.
-The narrator then added that as ex-bandits who used to run from the Qin soldiers frequently, they have developed their own effective way of escaping danger, even if it means sacrificing their own allies. While it is ineffective against organized enemies, it does help their allies who are escaping in a different direction as enemies cannot pursue every single soldier.
-The ex-bandits escaped so swiftly that even the Zhao calvary could not catch up. Moreover, this “strategy” also lets the commanders escape safely from the chaotic situation.
-Indeed, the Zhao soldiers have no idea where Raido and Zenou went, not even a general direction as the ex-bandits fled in all directions, even disregarding their own allies.
-Despite escaping in different directions, they all had the same idea of meeting at the foot of the central hill. Raido and Zenou manage to rendezvous at the foot of the central hill just before dusk.
-While the Zhao soldiers are constructing a fortress at the central hill, they were attacked by the remnants of Raido and Zenou’s army. Their half constructed fortress was also burned in the process.
-Raido wants the Zhaos to know that no matter what underhanded tactics the ex-bandits from Kanki’s army use, they will never return empty-handed.

Woo, what a chapter, took me a while to type the summary. Looks like its Keisha: 1, Kanki: 1. Kanki and his men never fail to amaze me with their out of the books tactics.


4 thoughts on “Ch450 Summary

  1. Agree! Kanki’s army are full of surprises! Raido and Zenou are worthy commanders. And this guy Zenou is super strong that even Raido has to admit. I really enjoy this battle since none can predict whats the next move.
    @King, thanks for the translations!


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