Mr Hara Yasuhisa’s lecture/sharing session at Kyushu Cedec 2015

Courtesy of tieba user 绯村剑八, we get a to know some of the contents of Mr Hara’s lecture/sharing session at Kyushu CEDEC 2015 on 17th Oct 2015.

Original post here:

The OP only managed to catch the second half of the lecture/sharing session due to his other commitments. He also took a couple of pictures and they can be found in the link above. Below is the translation of what the OP wrote:

When Mr Hara was still working for Mr Inoue(Slam Dunk’s mangaka), he drew Ouki and showed him to his colleagues. He initially decided to give up on becoming a mangaka himself if he receive a negative comment but his colleague thinks that his art is pretty good. Ouki is unique because unlike the Three Kingdoms, the era of the Warring States has got absolutely zero popularity in Japan and a normal character will not be able to attract the attention of readers.

Mr Hara did not plan to make Ouki such an important character in the story initially but Ouki’s charm snowballed to the point that even Mr Hara himself couldn’t resist. His initial plan was to make Ouki a throwaway character and thus did not put any thought into how he should die as the more important a character is in a story, the harder it is to kill him off. In fact, Mr Hara still had no idea how to kill Ouki even in his last few moments. The 6 Great Generals were also added because of Ouki and he was wondering if this was a stupid decision.

As Tou will be important in the future, his role as Ouki’s deputy was just a random decision. Also, even Mr Hara himself has no idea on how Tou uses his special spinning sword technique.

Mr Inoue advised him that if he cannot produce the content for his manga for this week, he should take a break as the break will act as a springboard, making the next chapter much more interesting. The readers might even think that the break was planned. (now we know why there are so many breaks….)

Mr Hara started in drawing Tokyo but now he moved to Fukuoka. Now his 2 assistants in Tokyo had to take turns to fly to Fukuoka every week to meet him every week. Mr Hara sighed that talents are hard to come by nowadays and he hope to get a good assistant at Fukuoka.

Outside of his life as a mangaka, his hobby is taking a bath with his 2 children. Due to his busy schedule, he can only do that once a week. He wakes up at 9am everyday, travel to his workshop 10 minutes away. He goes back home for dinner every night but travels back to his workshop and continue to work till late night before going to bed at home.

The latest volume of Kingdom will be out on Monday(19th Oct). The end of this volume marks the end of the first half of Kingdom and the next half will be on Qin’s invasion.


4 thoughts on “Mr Hara Yasuhisa’s lecture/sharing session at Kyushu Cedec 2015

  1. If Volume-40 is the end of the first half (by the way the end of Vol.40 was Chapter 437) then the other half will be 40 Volumes of 437 Chapters “80 Volume in total” so 437 + 437 = 874 Chapters in total and we already finished Vol.41 and it was of 11 Chapter and 2 Chapters from Vol.42 “449 and 450” so 437 + 11 + 2 = 450 Chapters we have already read them and 450 – 874 = 424 Chapters that we are waiting for them 🙂


    • i am guessing that it will reach 1000 chapters. the “halfway point” is not a mathematical halfway point but a story halfway point so the story wont end exactly at Ch874. Hara is free to increase or even decrease the number of chapters for the second half, especially when it is common for writers to change their plans halfway through the story. Ch1000 seems like a nice point to end the story too.


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