Ch449 Summary

Been really busy lately and I know the english version of 449 is out and all but no harm to do some translation practice right?

Ch449: The Spider’s Trap
-Chapter starts with a scout reporting to Keisha that the right army is crushing the enemies. It will be very soon before the enemy HQ will fall.
-The spear general from Zhao tells Raido and Zenou that the scariest thing is war is when you think you are having an advantage but it turns out that it is in fact a road to defeat.
-Kisui seems to be slightly worried about Keisha’s move but he was reassured by his lieutenant as he recalls Keisha’s words earlier before setting off. Keisha mentioned that he is going to hunt and not stop the Qin army.
-As Keisha rampages through the 2nd platoon of Raido’s army, everyone was slaughtered, except Bihei who was just knocked away by Keisha’s blow.
-Bihei heard Keisha’s men calling him “Keisha” and immediately recalls that is the name of the enemy commander-in-chief. Keisha mentions that he wants to cut off Kanki’s “head and “tail”
-Keisha’s plan is to lead his elite forces and strike the second platoon from the side of the central hill, isolating Raido and Zenou. At the same time, the rest of Keisha’s right army closes in on Raido and Zenou, slowly surrounding them.
-Keisha was regarded as a “spider” by Riboku and Kisui’s lieutenant explains Keisha’s strategy to Kisui.
-Meanwhile, Raido and Zenou are fighting through the endless waves of enemies with no reinforcements.
-Raido and Zenou’s encirclement was not expected by Kanki but he seems to be calm.
-Chapter ends with the narrator hinting that there is a trump card being held by Zenou and Raido. (read Ch450 for more info)


4 thoughts on “Ch449 Summary

  1. king am sure you’ll agree with me that shin needs to do something really massive in this war to cause kanki overlook the ambush misheap that delayed his advance


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