Ch449 Spoilers

No news of chapter 448 Chinese so no summary yet..but at least we are getting the spoilers for 449


Update 1:
The koreans are insanely fast…
Full Korean chapter:


15 thoughts on “Ch449 Spoilers

    • king the manga site above got some information on that the release of korean raw determines the release of japanese raw that they do the early the korean raw is out by wednesday midnight the release a japanese raw


  1. I think that the author want to remind us that Keisha is an instinctive general, With a high attribute of tactical knowledge, he is likened to a spider who weaves a web of fluid strategy to entangle and ensnare his opponents, so the same as the spider he want to lure his prey to his net “ambush”

    maybe it looks like that he succeeded in ambushing Raido and Zenou, but that is not really what’s happening, we all including Keisha thinks that the vengard of Kanki Army has been ambushed but that don’t goes for Kanki and Raido, from the reaction that Raido had showed i’ll assume that this exactly what Kanki planned from the time he visited the frontlines with a job for Zenou . . .

    let us thinks about it, why is Kanki sending his strongest army in term of brutal strength to attack the enemy casually!!

    will it’s because this is Kanki, the number one general in turning the table in battles. .

    so he send those two because they can hold out the longest in tough situations “like being surrounded and ambushed” naturally the enemy will focus on destroying them because they are the vengard, Kanki now just waiting for the right moment to attack and ambush Keisha “turn the table”

    and the moment is when Keisha will put all his weight in the attack. .

    this is what i think is gonna happen ^_^

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  2. king i would advice you to get in touch with the guy who could do the korean translation to enable you do a summary and bihei doesn’t die and also kanki can’t blame shin now his guy has fallen into a trap also


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