Ch448 Summary

Looks like the Chinese version of Ch448 is finally out..
Ch448: The scent of the battlefield
-After being played around earlier, Shin was unable to secure the frontlines as instructed.
-Moreover, the Zhaos had already advance to a location very close to the central hill.
-Keisha has yet to move the HQ towards the central hill. His other commanders thought that the reason for not doing so is that the HQ will be too vulnerable on top of the hill at the moment. However, Keisha said that it is because he has yet to smell Kanki’s scent in the area.
-Meanwhile, Zenou’s clan joined Raido in his battlefield. Smashing the Zhao’s with ease.
-As Bihei and co. prepares to join the battle, they noticed the gigantic central hill.
-One of the soldiers accompanying Bihei, who was a bandit himself, comments with his experience that if a fortress is built atop that gigantic hill, it will be a pain to bring down, which is probably why Kanki decides to mobilize the Zenou clan.
-Reports of the right front line of the Zhao getting smashed through has reached the Zhao commanders. Meanwhile, another messenger arrived to report that the preparations to take the central hill is done.
-Kisui suggests that they should not send their men onto the hill now as their right army’s defense is failing, which will pose a great risk to them if they decide to climb the hill now.
-Keisha rejected his suggestion and wants to continue his plan of securing the central hill.
-Raido and Zenou noticed the Zhao moving up the hill and prepares to stop them.
-As they move right towards the Zhao who are climbing the hill, they fell into a trap and Keisha himself appears before Bihei.


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