Ch448 Spoilers


Looks like Zenou is wrecking the Zhaos while Raido and co. tries to captures the central hill. They then fell into Keisha’s trap as Keisha himself lead the Zhaos towards the central hill

Will update again with more spoilers and Korean scans when they appear.

Update 1:

Full chapter 448 Korean out:
Kanki seems confident at the second last page despite Keisha appearing in the next. Wonder whats up his sleeves


16 thoughts on “Ch448 Spoilers

  1. i stick to my theory of Kanki seeing Rigan castle as the target of this war while everyone is distracted by all the hills and trees here. things are happening too fast here and i doubt this war will end that soon.


    • i don’t see rigan castle as kanki objective as it will take days to reach it.I see kanki trying to surround keisha from all side of the central hill as he attacks the rest of zhao troops and am assuming if qin wins this place will be built a fort like choyou to allow invasion of zhao to be easy


  2. the wining card of this war is shin as the map shows , everyone underestimating him . Kanki and Keisha thinking that he has been not able to fulfill his roll to capture the central hill . Everyone looking to the central hill as if it is the main purpose of this war , when you have it you have won %70 of the war . the CH is only a tool to have one of the most robes of the war. However , the most important roll of this war that has not been exposed to anyone except the readers is Kaioki , she is missing to everyone in the battlefield Shin , Kanki army and Keisha.
    Back to Shin
    Shin is a beast that has been trapped , the main character and one more thing his enemy is dumb to clear their left era – the east in the map – for HSU to slip to their back. what shin needs is to depend on his instant and he will catch Keisha off off guard


    • if shin defeats batei and his army also wipes out all enemies on his side then he can attack keisha from behind and right of the central hill


  3. king seems people want you to explain ch 250.5 if its a filler or not and am going to help out is that it isn’t a filler as we know that he went to the bishi area after he conquered the area after ten arrived and am sure will see that area again


      • king i see a reward ceremony as i checked online and found out that this invasion happens before the han conquest which shin has to be a general already before it starts


      • This is a fictional war. There are many wars that kanki participated in against Zhao. None of them coincide with the year this war is currently happening now. It is still at least 10 years before that zhao war you mentioned


  4. All his men can go and drop dead for all I care, the only onea I root for are Kanki and Kurokun. And what is with those vampire teeth of Zenou.


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