Ch447 Summary

Chinese chapter was updated this morning. Sneakily typing this at work since I don’t really have much to do at the moment.

Ch447: The commanders-in-chief moves out
-Kyokai found a village in the woods. While the land belong to Zhao, this village, as well as many other unknown villages in other states are in fact not part of the state.
-Kyokai plans to warn the village about the battle in the area and she instructs one of her deputies to inform Shin about it while the other be on high alert of the surroundings. This is also the exact time when Shin recaptured the hill. The right side of the battlefield is where things start to change.
-Meanwhile, at the other side of the battlefield, Bihei and the other men are moving swiftly towards an area past the central hill. They are under Raido’s second platoon.
-The random soldier then gave Bihei a brief introduction of Kanki’s army and Raido. Kanki’s commanders were all leaders of their own bandit groups. When Kanki defeated them, he accepted them and made them his deputies/lieutenants.
-Raido’s army is considered the most dangerous of Kanki’s. Another soldier then mentioned that there are 2 more armies that are even more dangerous and are also travelling parallel to them. The ZeNuo clan is travelling to the left of them, who were one of the most renowned bandit group from the north, has the strongest men. Zenuo himself is double the size of Moubu and can rip off the head of a cow with his bare hands. However, their weakness is that they are so brutal that they will kill whoever they want, even their own clan.
-Next is the ShaGui clan travelling just behind them. They are the cruellest clan who will impale enemies alive through their eyes and mouth.
-Kanki arrived behind Bihei at this time, updating them that the ex-slave at the right wing (Shin) has failed his mission.
-Meanwhile, Keisha and co. arrived at an area near the central hill. Keisha declared that their left wing(Shin’s side) is safe and they should advance with care and have high of the right.
-After meeting with Bihei’s platoon, Kanki rushed to the left to meet up with Zenuo himself, killing some of the Zenuo clansmen who (somehow) do not know who Kanki is and intends to kill him along the way.
-He wants Zenuo to use his powers to turn the tide of the war.


Interesting turn of events. Looks like we will see Kanki’s men in action next chapter. Though I have a feeling Zenuo will just be outwitted and killed by Keisha or Kisui.


10 thoughts on “Ch447 Summary

  1. one thing that i have seen from re-reading kingdom is that everytime shin has declared that his going to kill someone he has ended up meeting them sanyou campaign – kill renpa ended meeting him and taking one of his blows sai – injured houken now we have keisha who has written off shin in attacking him


  2. Hi King

    Thank you for exellent work on all summarizes and translations.

    My first thought is Kanki sending him to “take care” of Shin. Which means wipe out HSU. Or more precisely defeat/defend the rear while making Shin disappeare.

    Whats your thoughts?


    • I think Kanki is not that cruel, especially towards his allies(just look at his interaction with Choutou). Killing Shin will just put Qin in a worse spot. What I understand by turning the tides of war might not be simply going to help Shin at the right side of the battlefield. He is trying to do something to make up for Shin failure and by that, i think that would be to capture the central hill or maybe even something more devious and might not even involve Shin directly.


      • Indeed. I think they need to cover Shin’s spot. This will also surprise the enemy since they are not expecting some confrontation and yet they will be greeted by these scary monsters!

        If Kanki needs to deal with Shin, it’s not this time. He needs all available resources to fight an army exceeding his numbers.


  3. Thanks king..

    I don’t agree with you about Zenuo been outwitted, he’ll crush the zhou but that if he faced them. . what i’m thinking off is that he will face Shin,, think about it,, first Zenuo and his clan don’t know the difference between allies and enemies, second Kanki sending them to Shin’s side of the battlefield which means they’ll face each other and then it’ll be Qin-Qin battle, all this still a “maybe” case we will know what is gonna happen in the next Ch,, by the way the next Ch should be to day or i’m rong..?


    • Maybe its just me but everytime i see a brute that isnt a main or side character appear in Kingdom, they will die(shoumou and kanmei are examples). This chapter is out today in japan. Spoilers for 448 should be out tomorrow or saturday


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