Ch446 Summary

Ch446: Unexpected Tactics
-Chapter starts with Ogeki and Kanki noticing the smoke signal from the Zhao captured hill. Ogeki finds it weird as there it is an unfamiliar signal and Kanki immediately knows that Shin screwed up.
-Meanwhile near the captured hill, Shin is still fighting Batei. Sosui brought reinforcements and arrived at this time. Batei decides to retreat for now and promises to deal with Shin with his full army in the future.
-Shin wanted to pursue Batei but Ten stopped him, reminding him that capturing the hill beside them is the top priority now and so he should let Sosui pursue Batei.
-Keisha and Kisui also saw the smoke signal from the other side of the battlefield. While Keisha and another general thinks that this is a gamble as losing this will result in Kisui losing 2 of his most capable commanders. Kisui commented that the key to winning this war is to seize initiative and this is not a gamble as he has full confidence on his 2 commanders.
-Meanwhile on top of the hill, a random soldiers reports to Ryuutou that all preparations are complete.
-Ten gathered a small group of soldiers and tasked them to take the hill from Zhao. While the soldiers have their doubts, Ten explained that capturing the hill will encounter falling rocks and arrows and thus a small team is the most suitable for the job. Moreover, she is sure that the number of enemies on the hill is very small as they must have took a path that they do not know of. Also, if they do not recapture it now, there are bound to be more enemies gathering in the mountain later and they will construct a fortress. When that happens, it will be impossible for them to recapture the hill.
-With that, Ten concluded that a simple strategy would allow them to recapture the hill. She ordered Denyuu to make noise and distract the enemies from one side of the hill while Shin and the other more nimble and lighter allies sneak up from the other side of the hill.
-When Shin’s team finally sneaked up the hill and killed some “enemies”, they realize that the “enemies” are all dummies made of straw. There isn’t a single Zhao soldier on the hill. Meanwhile, Batei and the rest of the Zhao soldiers are already far from the hill, mocking Shin.
-The narrator explains that Shin’s initial mission of moving pass the central hill to secure the front line is a failure as he was delayed by the ambush and the temporary capture of the hill.
-Meanwhile, Kyokai and her scouting party spotted something extraordinary from a cliff in the forest.


3 thoughts on “Ch446 Summary

  1. Thanks for your hard work, King. So Kyokai noticed something extraordinary huh, what in the world can it be ? Talk about the enigma here!!! Just kidding , obviously noticed Shin having his ass handed to him . 😂 But jokes aside, I am certain what she saw will help them turn tables on the commanders of Kisui.


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