Ch445 Summary

I know that the english version is already out but Im still doing the summary for this as there are some people who want to read my summary anyway and its good translation practice for me too. To return the favor, I did a Chinese summary to the english chapter for them in tieba this week too. (

The big delay was due to the lack of raws as usual. The chinese scanlators uses raws that are shared by other tieba users. Without these they cannot start their work. They cannot work on anything outside of the the original or any other language outside of the original Japanese raws. I am assuming they cannot work on super low quality raws too, such as the one we have now for Ch446, so we might have to wait a while more before Ch446 is out.

Ch445: The result of trickery
-As HSU descends into the thick forest, their formation is being messed up as they double up to their destination.
-Kyokai is being sent to scout the front as they marched towards the central hill.
-Ten reminds them that the central hill the the deciding factor to this war. Whoever is able to control it determines the outcome of this war and whether Qin is able to take it without bloodshed is determined by the actions of HSU.
-As they passed by the first hill nearer to Qin, they decided not to take it as that is the job the right Qin army. Their job now is to march to the front lines.
-They then encountered an ambush. Shin pulled Ten away to her safety as arrows were fired from the bush, killing some soldiers and injuring Ten.
-Ten hid behind a tree and gave command to the archers to return fire and shield-bearers to protect the rest of the army.
-As the arrows stopped, Shin brought some soldiers into the bush to retaliate, only to be ambushed again by spear soldiers hiding in the bush.
-Ten ordered the men to retreat but Batei appeared and went for Shin.
-As the men were retreating, Shin ordered them to stand their ground as showing their backs to the enemy is dangerous. They should instead fight off the enemies there while waiting for reinforcements.
-As they were regrouping, they noticed the hill nearby was taken by the Zhao forces.

Hopefully we get Ch446 early this week as the low quality raws are already out.


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