Ch446 Raws

since the chinese version of ch445 is delayed, we are having ch446 FULL RAW much earlier than expected
looks like Keisha captured another hill while Shin was trying to take back his hill from Zhao. When Shin tried to sneak from the back of the hill to recapture it, he found out that the entire hill is empty and filled with dummies. The Zhao retreated for some reason, probably to execute the next part of their plan.

i have no idea what with the extra delay to this week’s chapter but we might see ch445 and 446 being released at the same time as the raws for 446 are out now.

Update 1:

Rough summary done by 内拉祖里美凌格 from tieba. Translated text below:
-As Batei and Shin fights, Sosui arrives with reinforcements. Batei then retreats and Ten stops Shin from pursuing.
-Ten explains that they should capture the hill from Zhao now before they start to construct a fortress on top of the hill. Now that there are few men on the hill, they should recapture it as soon as possible.
-They then made the buffed and strong guys to make noise and attract the attention of the Zhao men from one side of the hill while Shin and the rest sneak from the other side of the hill. The plan seems to be successful until they realize that there are only dummies on top of the hill.
-It is now that Shin realizes that the true plan of the Zhao army is to delay the advancement of Shin so that Zhao could capture the central hill.
-And finally, Kyokai seems to have discovered something interesting at the end of the chapter.


15 thoughts on “Ch446 Raws

    • I don’t think that Kai can do somthing like that because she only have a scouting unit with her “a small unit” so to flank an army or at least 5k unit with only a hundred or so,, that will be a suicid. . .


  1. Wow that Batei really is a monster as I thought. He is embodiment of brute strength who can give a run for Gaimou’s money , after all even he could not break leg of Shin’s horse despite that huge body. Now it is clear that the author does not dissappoint us , readers , whereas most mangakas do . What I mean is as the story progresses , main character gets stronger but suprisingly the antagonists who once were equal or slightly better than him in strength become fodders who can not understand why their power stagnate, while the main guy can give decent fights against opponents who once out of his league , in our case let’s say Shin can fight on par with Houken holding his own . Despite the fact that Batei is not a general well-known in China or does not have build-up story like Ouhon or Yoku, he is doing better than enough as an enemy from the same generation as Shin. So I am sure this or future arcs will not be boring in that respect.


    • As for the story , I can say they got Shin good. Their main object was not to capture and defend hills nearest to kanki’s camp , but to distract and stall the advancing party while main army takes over central hill. So Shin planning and sneaking upon the enemy on the hill was a waste of time on his part while the center hill was secured with little to no effort by Keisha. Up to this point everything is perfectly making sense but why Karyoten did not take precaution against attack from river as we see in previous chapter , she says the danger they need to be alert of is the attacks coming from forward direction and it is taken care of Kai’s scouting party. Did she not notice that there was river to their left on the map ? I mean that river battle experience and Shin’s enthusiasm about amphipibious battles in future in Sai, was that not supposed to be for this moment. If not, I do not think they will be able to take advantage of rivers this arc because of enemies’ awareness. So Ten’s ignorance of river is plothole in my opinion which is rarely seen in Kingdom. And if anyone can tell me what was the cause that triggered Shin’s instict that they were ambushed. Was it the place they were in or the movements of leaves , I do not know. But I can say it failed to impress me.


      • As for the strategies & tactics (battle progress), until now Zhou is better, so we can say Zhou 1-Qin 0. .
        and to be exact it was Batei & Ryuu Tou Units/Army vs HSU because we didn’t see the other battlefield that Raido commanding. .

        A question: why is Zhou doing better..?

        The answer: the Zhou Commanders/Generals surpassed Ten expectation, Ten said to Garo “that there’s still a while to go before running in to the enemy and they got Kai scouting in the front” and she add “that’s all the precaution they can spare since they have to move as fast as they can”, Shin asked “you talking about the hill in the middle..?” she confirmed it by “yeah”

        so Ten is fully aware of the importance of the central hill and she wanted to pass and let the right hill for the right wing of the Kanki army, to spare time to go fast to the center hill before the enemy to set up a defensive line past the center hill, but what happened surpassed her expectation the Zhou appeared near the right hill (left hill from Zhou is view) the hill on Qin is side. .

        so Zhou was more faster and they actually set up an ambushes and filled the hill with dummies to fool HSU and make them late to accomplish their task wish was the center hill of course in the same time the rest of the Zhou army capture the center hill, i assume that in Ch 447 we will see that the center hill is under Zhou’s control. .

        this what i have until now ^^


    • hmm this contains just the spoilers for ch446. the link to tieba contains the full raw. i think the weekly spoiler provider in tieba has been quite consistent so far so i will just rely on him to post spoilers every week. will start searching around if he doesnt post anything on saturday


  2. HAHAHA, you must do it, they did give us alot of summary before..

    anyway did you see the zhou commander O_o as expected his so powerful <– i like it alot 🙂


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