Ch444 Summary

Looks like the Chinese scanlators manage to obtain the raws early this week and so heres the summary of the chapter:
Ch444: Conquering a castle-less land.
-As HSU arrives at their destination, a sea of forest appears in front of them. Kyokai suggests that they take another route but Shin rejects her idea as he tells her that this is their battlefield, Black Goat Hill.
-Shin and co. were then called to have a meeting with Kanki.
-Upon arriving, Kanki asks his advisor, Mo Lun, to explain the strategy to Shin and co. Mo Lun explains that the area is a huge forest. Even though they have the orders to invade this area, there were no castles to be found, and instead, there are 5 hills in the area. He explains that the victory condition for this war is by capturing all 5 hills. Meanwhile Ogeki commented that the hills with the pieces representing soldiers look like breasts…
-The strategy is to open up 2 routes within the forest and release 2 “arrows” from the left and right, the left one is Kanki’s lieutenant, Raido, and the right is Shin.
-Their scouts have reported that Keisha has also arrived at the other side of the battlefield. Due to the thick vegetation, as long as both “arrows” are able to infiltrate deep into the forest and construct a frontline beyond the halfway point, past the middle hill, they will be able to secure 3 hills before the battle even start.
-Before Shin left, Kanki warns Shin that he must not fail this important mission. As usual, Shin replied with his rash comment that he will take the head of Keisha. (I personally think that Kanki must be planning something else while he send them on this mission)
-Kyokai also warns that this is not just a simple “capture the hills” battle.
-Meanwhile, Liu Dong and Ma Cheng, probably Zhao commanders, arrived near a hill and plans to ambush HSU.

Interesting chapter and it sure builds up the hype of this arc now that we get the general picture of the battlefield and the strategies.


7 thoughts on “Ch444 Summary

  1. from re- reading the wei fire dragon arc i came to understand that the author wanted to show the maturity of the new generation and to show them becoming able to come up with ideas to win battles and make difficult decisions on certain situations which ouhon did in that arc and this arc is meant for shin to do the same so as to be promoted to general


    • im sure something will happen to Bihei. Kanki will do something out of ordinary as usual, my guess is he will take Li Yan castle while the others are busy fighting. Shin will use his plot armor to get the head of one of the Zhao commanders.


      • i don’t think he’ll do that as high command already told them he needs to conquer kokuyou hills not li yan castle


      • I think , Kanki will kill Bihei&co in the event that Shin fails to proceed according to plan or gets pushed back by ambushers. In the meeting Shin should have been warned by the possibility of enemies using rivers and lying in ambush which I am sure , Kanki is fully aware of , nevertheless deliberately avoided to share with Shin. So he expects Shin to get defeated and to punish him he will execute his men. And the capture of the castle scene should be a stage where two opposing wills/ideals/morals collide. Kanki trying to butcher and rape citizens and Shin getting in the way of it. It would be a sight to see whereas Kanki capturing the castle alone would not serve any purpose other than leaving the arena to be seized by Zhao and may be it will affect the moral of its army but at the same time it would make them formidable and hard to deal with due to their bounless rage.


      • if he can conquer both the castle and the hills i dont see whats wrong. taking the castle will result in the enemies facing attacks from their back and front. There has to be a reason why the author mentioned the castle in Ch443. Since the Qin army will be severely outnumbered when Kanki disappears with the other half of the army, Qin will be losing up till when Kanki shows up from the other side of the battlefield, resulting in the Zhao army losing. This is Kanki we are talking about, nothing is impossible.


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