Ch444 spoilers

Spoilers out today as expected


Kanki and his men capturing hills and someone new attacking from a river in a forest

Will be updating this page when more spoilers appear, including the Korean raws which usually appear on Mondays. Since the Chinese guys have problems obtaining the raws early these 2 weeks, we should be expecting the Chinese chapter, as well as my summary, to be out on Thursday, Fridays or later from now on, unless there are new raw providers for the Chinese scanlators.

Update: Full Korean Ch444 out! Looks like a chapter filled with strategy discussion which ends with the deployment of troops.


18 thoughts on “Ch444 spoilers

  1. From the raws , what I understood is kanki&shin have 3 hills captured without problem. But for other 2 they need to fight. And Kanki entrusts those battles to Shin and Shin and Kyoukai split up each to capture both of them separately. Then the question is why the **** Kanki bothers participating in this war. Maybe just to occupy the other 3 hills and defend them.


    • from google translate it seems that the lieutenants of jihui want to kill and that kyokai has split herself from shin’s unit


  2. Lieutenant Ma Ron reminds me of Tou, especially his new appearance with the thin mustache that he didn’t get before.. just like Tou ^^


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