Ch443 Spoilers

With the delay of Ch442, we now have spoilers of Ch443
-The Zhao commander-in-chief is confirmed to be Keisha. I like how the design of his horse armor matches his buns…and the horse looks like it just came out from a chess board…
-The new guy, who is also a general, is Ji Hui(Chinese name). He is a fictional character and is Keisha’s second-in-command.
-The size of the Zhao army is 70,000, with Keisha leading 40,000 and Ji Hui leading 30,000. No mention of the size of the Qin army.
-Chapter ends with the Zhao army marching out. The war should hopefully start in the next chapter.

Once again, this coming war is fictional much like the Fire Dragon arc.

As usual, I will update this page with more spoilers when they pop up in the next few days, including the link to the raws of the full Korean chapter if they do appear before the Chinese chapter.


Update 1: A few more panels with a short summary done in Japanese. Chinese translation courtesy of 貔貅剑
-Keisha and Ji Hui rendezvous at Ji Hui’s castle, Li Yan.
-Keisha also brought 2 of his lieutenants along for the war. Their identities are currently unknown but their faces are shown.
-Keisha is rumored to be the closest to grabbing the last seat of the 3 Great Heavens. This also implies that the last seat is still empty.
-Keisha was ordered by Riboku to seek out Ji Hui here and now that the 2 of them met, Keisha understands why Riboku wanted them to fight alongside each other as Keisha can smell the same “scent” from Ji Hui as himself, implying that they are of the same type.
-With that, he made Ji Hui his second-in-command, setting out with 70,000 men. Their targets are Kanki and Shin’s head.

Update 2:
-Full chapter out in Korean:


24 thoughts on “Ch443 Spoilers

    • If it’s already post-thursday, WYJ is out in Japan and the raws are much more easily accessible. im sure the scanlation group have already obtain the raws either at the same time or earlier than us and are in the processing of translating now. therefore, there is no need to rush them by asking them to translate because they will do it promptly during their free time. it takes much more time translating and typesetting than you think so please be patient.


  1. that ain’t the qin flag but a unit flag probably hi shin flag as on right side the strip black is an indicator of a unit or army to prove it ch 52 when shin passes the chariot enlarge the image and zoom in the lower right side the pattern doesn’t match


      • wow.. I think this is the first confirmation that Kyoukai’s 3000 unit is a separate one than Shin’s 5000 unit?

        All this while I thought her units are included in Shin’s 5000


  2. It seems mangaka wants Shin to see and learn a lot of strategies/general types to justify his growth to be a Great General.

    Ouki : basic of a great general
    Tactics (so far from Ten and Ouhon)
    Instinct (Duke Hyou)
    Martial Prowess (mostly by “cheat” Houken)

    and now he will see how Kanki (Unorthodox style) deal with instinctual type that troubles Duke Hyou so much.


    • yep. he will probably then develop his own style of fighting by combining everything he learned from these generals when he becomes a great general himself. i can already imagine him setting off into his first battle as a great general, wielding the legendary-tier equipment with his mentors giving him their blessings from the heavens


      • If only they add some comedy about Ouki and Duke Hyou’s argument about Shin general style… that will be gold


  3. thanks king was expecting the head general to be keisha or rihaku but that other general didn’t know and am predicting one of the general’s to fall by shin’s hand and this looks like fire dragon arc and promotion later


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