Ch442 Summary

Ch442: The Similar One
-HSU arrives at the rendezvous location. However, they are taking a cautious approach as they know that Kanki is a psychopath who digs out the eyes of enemies. There are also reports of allies disappearing after they joined Kanki.

-Upon entering the camp, they noticed the soldiers wearing jewelries and bringing women around. The women are apparently prostitutes hired from the nearby area.

-They also witnessed the execution of captured enemies by Kanki’s men.

-Upon arriving at the general’s tent, Shin was greeted by Kanki with a hug from the back which led Shin to pulling out his sword but he stopped when he heard someone calling him Kanki.

-Shin seemed to pulled out his sword as he sensed something from Kanki but he couldn’t explain what exactly was it. He seems to feel a sense of “resistance” towards Kanki.

-Kanki then commented that the meeting between an ex-slave and an ex-bandit shouldn’t be so formal and restrictive.

-While Kanki is happy that such a strong unit is joining him, he is unhappy with Shin’s style of fighting which he considered as childish. Since Shin is joining Kanki’s army, Kanki wants him to follow his rules, which includes plundering and killing relentlessly. He also thinks that this is a good chance for HSU to evolve and learn the way adults fight.

-With that, he welcomes HSU to the Kanki army.


3 thoughts on “Ch442 Summary

  1. Thanks King. I think him sensing resistance kind of feeling to him is an attribute of his instinctive general. It is similar to when Duke sensed emptiness in Houken and Shin saw ghosts clinging on Mangoku. It may be some supernatural ability to sense auras of special people which is a case only for instinctive generals but I may be wrong and it may be just sensor ability and shared by strategical generals too.


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