Ch442 Spoilers

Super early spoilers this week!
Ch442 Spoilers:
There seems to be some dispute/discontent/unhappiness between Shin and Kanki as expected.

Will update again if there are more spoilers or content summary of the chapter.

Update 1 (14 Aug 2015):

more detailed spoilers for those interested:
chinese translation courtesy of 貔貅剑 from the same thread
-As Shin met up with the main body of Kanki’s army, Kanki was burning dead bodies of the enemies.
-Kanki commented on Shin and co.’s way of fighting as childish, and is disappointed with them.
-Since they are now under him, he wants them to them to change their style of fighting to suit his, which includes plundering, torturing and killing, basically anything that he wants them to do.
-Shin wanted to say something but was stopped by Kanki, who says that it is all for victory and this is also an opportunity for HSU to grow and learn from him how adults fight in battles. With that, he welcomes HSU to the Kanki army.
-Chapter ends with a hint of the next chapter, which will be talking about the Zhao army.

Update 2 (17 Aug 2015):

Full chapter in Korean out:

Update 3 (18 Aug 2015):

The Chinese scanlators are having trouble obtaining the Japanese raws this week and so the Chinese chapter MIGHT be delayed. Apparently I was wrong about them being able to read Korean…


15 thoughts on “Ch442 Spoilers

    • seems now i understand why kanki lost to riboku his too proud on how he battles and considers how others battle as foolish and i hope shin doesn’t do what kanki has told him to do


    • i am awaiting a translation on that too. i cant read japanese. if you realize, i have already requested a translation in that thread earlier(username: magaxking). i know you are very excited about the new chapter just like everyone but please try not to start too many new comments as others might find it spammy…you can edit your old comments if you wish…i will still read them


  1. yeah i know Kanki isn’t like duke hyou or ouki but if kanki to act on all his orders like killing surrendered soldiers that ain’t gonna work with shin.shin isn’t cocky remember he admitted that he isn’t good at formulating strategies and he knows his weakness and ouhon is the cocky one as he always believes his better than everyone


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