Ch441 Spoilers

While the spoilers only showed a few pictures, it looks like a summary of the full chapter and whoever wrote it in Japanese seems to have read the entire chapter.
According to a short translation by a tieba user, the chapter begins with Ri En explaining his reasons of killing SSK. Later, SHK received reports, probably from Qin’s spies in Chu, about the situation there. The reports pointed out that the Chu court is now united under the name of Ri En. Upon hearing that, SHK decides to give up the idea of attacking Chu for now, and attack Zhao instead. Meanwhile, at the borders between Chu and Qin, when Shin was training/dueling with Kyokai, he received SHK’s orders and prepares to attack Zhao. When Shin was still wondering who he will be joining in the next war against Zhao, Ogiko appears with a message for Shin.

It seems like we wont be going too deep into Chu politics and instead, we will be moving to the next war, which would be against Zhao with Kanki as the commanding general. There isn’t a Qin-Zhao war recorded in history this year so it might be a fictional war. However, Kanki was promoted to (great)general this year in history so i guess this supposed fictional war is created for his promotion later. Hopefully it wont be as disappointing as the Wei Fire Dragon arc…but this is against Zhao we are talking about..we could see the introduction of the 3rd Great Heavens in this war and maybe some of the other familiar faces such as Keisha or even Riboku.

As usual, i will be updating this when a better or more detailed summary of the spoilers, or new spoilers, appears.

Random: Some of the people over at tieba seems to be commenting at how this 1 chapter of Kingdom is equivalent to 20 chapters of Bleach in terms of plot advancement o.o

EDIT: Shin is not at the Qin-Chu border. I confirmed that with the Jap-Chinese translator as his phrasing is slightly misleading.

EDIT 2: Ch441 of Korean up:


20 thoughts on “Ch441 Spoilers

  1. that letter ogiko contains something from kanki and probably something shin won’t like as previous genrals his worked under duke hyou ouki tou mougou ryuukoku aren’t like kanki


    • i know you are as excited as everyone else but cant read korean so i cant understand a single word. will have to wait for the chinese raws to be out. i often check tieba and will do up a summary as soon as i can so don’t worry about it.


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