Ch440 Summary

Ch440: The one who plots the assassination
-As the people are queuing to enter the hall to pay their last respects to SSK, Karin looks upon them and commented that there seems to me more people coming to SSK’s wake than King KaoLie’s wake a few days ago. Kouyoku and Hakurei are part of the crowd.
-The narrator then narrates that in the same year that Sei quelled the Rao Ai rebellion, something huge also happened in Chu, referring to the death of King KaoLie of Chu and the assassination of SSK.
-Karin seems to know the truth behind the biological father of King KaoLie’s son, who is in fact, SSK. This news shocked Kouyoku and Hakurei.
-She further explains that the king had the problem of not having any children to inherit his throne, until 2 years ago, when a women bore a son for him. In fact, that woman was SSK’s woman, and was impregnated before SSK gave her to the king. As 2 year old child ascends the throne, the bloodline of Chu’s royaty is now broken and then on, the entire Chu will be under the control of SSK and the woman’s family. Li Yuan, the woman’s brother, who aims to control the entire Chu by himself, is behind the assassination of SSK.
-Now, a mysterious man wants to meet Karin to discuss the future of Chu, which is why Karin wants Kouyoku and Hakurei to follow her to the meeting, and kill him if things go wrong.
-As they arrived, they(Kouyoku and Hakurei) were shocked to see Renpa and his lieutenants, together with a mysterious man.
-Renpa explains that with the passing of both King KaoLie and SSK, it is as if Chu “ship” had lost its captains. With the loss of SSK will create chaos in court as the rest of the court, who used to listen to SSK, will now fight for power. Moreover, the problem of inheritance of the throne is also a problem now.
-These problems will not only weaken Chu, but will also attract the armies of the other states into Chu for an invasion. Even Renpa commented that if he is still in Zhao now, he will definitely ask for a temporary truce with Wei and invade Chu with their combined forces. Moreover, Qin is an even bigger problem now.
-The mysterious then speaks, commenting that they should now build a new Chu, a Chu that is even stronger than the time of King KaoLie and SSK.
-Karin was unhappy with the interruption and asked the man’s name. Renpa tells her that he is a secret envoy from the palace, and he is also the man who wants to meet her.
-Karin hates politicians and the man commented that he also hates generals. However, the man had to bow down to Karin in this time of turmoil as she is currently the second highest ranked general commanding the largest army in Chu today as apparently, he knows that Karin has 300,000 soldiers in the southern castles, which is suppose to be a secret.
-He then offers Karin to become the prime minister of Chu together with him
-Karin seems to know who the man is and the man finally revealed his name, Li Yuan, the man who killed SSK.


3 thoughts on “Ch440 Summary

    • Chinese raws can usually be found in many english sites such as mangamint very shortly after the chinese guys release them on tieba so i dont think turnip farmers have any problems obtaining the raws. They usually have the v0 of the english version ready within a day of the chinese release too, which is pretty fast considering he amount of work they have to do including translating and typesetting. Im sure they are already translating and typesetting ch440 now and we should see a release today


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