Ch440 Spoilers

Spoilers for Ch440:

EDIT: Summary of the spoilers, courtesy to the tieba user, 咪了个汪的, who translated the conversation into chinese.
-Apparently, the Chu court is now in chaos after the death of SSK. Renpa introduced the man from the Chu court to Karin as the man seems to have something to say to Karing. However Karin seems uninterested as she hates politics.
-While the man also said he hates generals, he said at this time he had to bow to Karin as she is currently the second best general and the most influential one in Chu and therefore he needed her power to command the 300,000 men in the southern fortress(es).
-The others questioned why he wanted her to command such huge number of troops and he replied that he plans to make both Karin and himself the new prime minister and build a new Chu.
-Karin then said:”So it’s you”, and the man replied that he is Li Yuan, the man who assassinated SSK.

Some information on Li Yuan: He was a man from Zhao and had his sister marry Lord ChunShen (Shunshinkun). He then suggested that SSK give her to the king of Chu when she was found pregnant, so that his nephew will become a royalty. With the help of SSK, both Li Yuan and SSK became prominent figures in the Chu court. When the king of Chu passed away, he assassinated SSK and his nephew successfully became the new king of Chu

(Updated facts of Li Yuan. His sister was only found pregnant after marrying SSK. Found out about this while researching on Li Yuan. )

Update: Chapter 440 out in Korean:


2 thoughts on “Ch440 Spoilers

  1. Thanks for this.
    MangaFox was down for some reason, and I only go the site for your extremely detailed summary spoilers. Thanks so much for the amazing effort.

    You make my life much more soothing.

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