Ch439 Summary

Ch439: The whereabouts of the 6 Generals
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-Chapter starts with Shin asking Mouten on his opinion on the revival of the 6 Generals to crush the 6 states and who will be the 6 capable of seizing these positions
-Mouten replied that firstly, there will be no doubt that his father, Moubu and Tou, who are currently Great Generals of Qin, will be able to grab 2 vacancies. In terms of offensive power, Moubu is definitely the strongest in the history of Qin while Tou has yet to show off his full power in war.
-As for the remaning 4, Ousen and Kanki, who are rumored to have the talents of the old 6 GG, are currently closest to seizing 2 of the remaining 4 vacancies.
-As for the last 2 vacancies, Mouten jokes that it seems like they have to fight among themselves. In fact, there are many others eying for them, including Rukuomi, Ryuukoku and many other unknown names in the army.
-While Shin does not know when the full revival of the 6 GG system will come, whether the following year or 5 years later, but he knows that if he doesn’t become one before all vacancies are filled, he will never even be part of the 6 GG, not even a substitute and therefore he has to make a name for HSU in CaoZhou(of Zhao).
-In exchange for the news of the revival of the 6 GG, Mouten told Shin that the invasion of CaoZhou of Zhao is just a decoy as SHK’s main target is YanShi castle of Wei. Ten analyzed that this is to attract both the Wei and Zhao armies to CaoZhou, a region close in Zhao close to both Qin and Wei, so that the main target, YanShi of Wei, will be less garrisoned.
-However, Ten added that it will take a huge army to capture YanShi and at the moment, such an army does not exist in the vicinity. While Shin is guessing that Ousen will be going to help, there is no news of Ousen moving south to attack YanShi and this baffled both Shin and Ten.
-Back in Kanyou, even Sei and SBK is surprised that SHK is sending “this” army to attack Yan Shi, as it is an important trump card to Qin and should not be revealed too easily. It seems that SHK has his own ideas.
-5 days later, Shin and co. received the news of the fall of YanShi and the Wei army is currently sending men to recapture the fallen castle. Therefore, the men in CaoZhou, including both Mouten’s and Ouhon’s forces, are sent to YanShi as reinforcements to defend the castle.
-When HSU arrived as YanShi, he was shocked to see Yontawa and the mountain folks within it. Ten explains that it is of no surprise as the Yontawa was given the title of “Da Shang Zao” after the battle of Sai 3 years ago, which is equivalent to the rank of “Great General”. It was also recorded in history that Yontawa/Yang Duan He attacked the Yan Shi castle
-Realizing that there is more competition for a spot in the 6 GG, Shin proclaims that he will not lose.
-Meanwhile, elsewhere in China, Shushinkun of Chu is being assassinated. (Hopefully we get an explanation of his assassination in the next few chapters)


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