Ch439 Spoilers


General understanding of the spoilers:
While Shin was waiting for reinforcements to attack Yan Shi, he realizes that the castle was taken. Upon investigation, he discovered that it was taken by Yontawa. The author also quoted a relevant line from Shiji, in which records Yontawa’s capture of the Yan Shi castle during the 9th year of Qin Shi Huang’s reign.
-Shin says that Yontawa seems to be a strong competitor for the 6 great general position, and says that he will not lose to her.
-Yontawa’s capturing of Yan Shi castle was a great blow to the 6 states.
-Chapter ends with the news of Shushinkun of Chu being assassinated(which was also part of history).

Updated the spoilers with more accurate information, courtesy of a user from the tieba forums

Update 2: There are fake spoilers floating around the internet with a picture of pregnant Kyokai. It is a photoshopped picture from an older chapter.

Update 3: More spoilers at
According to the translation from a tieba user, the current confirmed members of the 6 GG are Moubu and Tou. Ousen and Kanki are most probably going to join them soon and therefore there are only 2 more vacancies left. These nformation were provided by Mouten and Ouhon as Shin, Ouhon and Mouten are currently attacking CaoZhou of Zhao.
With Yontawa appearing to aid Qin later against Castle Yan Shi of Wei, she could also become one of the 6 GG. T


6 thoughts on “Ch439 Spoilers

  1. Internal competition, eh? That was exactly what Moubu’s father dying message to Shin and Mouby’s son… (damn, I forgot their names, I guess the manga is already being that long…)


  2. wasap king. lng tym and thanks for the spoilers. i have problems accessing my mangafox acct from my phone. otherwise i think shin is overestimating his capabilities. putting himself above yotanwa. however i wish he goes with her to her country to hone his skills a little bit and maybe get a new unit from there.


    • Hi Baragan! yeah mangafox forum has been quite unstable lately and i frequently get the message: “The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.”
      I think Shin is just doing his usual rash blabbering as we do know that his character is usually blinded by facts when he is too focused on a goal(in this case becoming one of the 6 GG). Well Shin could do that if he has the time..but he need to get more military achievements and make a name for himself now if he wants to even stand a chance to become one of the future 6GG.


    • Nope. No ceremony at least from what i can see from the spoilers. The location of the castle wasnt stated in both the historical text and the spoilers available. Will have to take a look at the full chapter to get an answer.


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