Ch437 Summary

As I didn’t have time to write a summary for 437 due to my vacation which ended recently, I will still do a summary of it even though the english version came out last week for consistency sake. Also, some people want to read my summary anyway and I figured its a way to sharpen my translation skills. So here it is:

Ch437: The parent-child bond.

  •  Chapter opens with Ten and HSU returning to the frontlines, meeting up with Kyokai and being scolded by Rukuomi(?)
  • The author then addresses the results of the Rao Ai rebellion by quoting the text from Shiji: Annals of Qin Shi Huang;
  • In the April of 238BC, Rao Ai started a rebellion when Sei, the king of Qin was having his coronation ceremony in You. He used the forged imperial seal to mobilize armies with the Duke of Juuteki and marches towards You.
  • Knowing that, the king sent SHK and SBK to fight the Rao Ai forces. After the battle in Kanyou, a few hundred were beheaded for their crimes while those who fought against the rebels were rewarded with nobility titles. As seen in the panel, the guy in the concealed face is Hanoki himself while the other guy preparing to be executed is his son. We will see Hanoki again in the future according to history, alive or dead.
  • Those who had major roles in the rebellion, including Rao Ai were given the punishment of death by having their limbs and head pulled apart by horse carriages. Their heads were then displayed to the public. Their families were also all given a death sentence.
  • The rest of the people who were involved in the rebellion, numbered up to 4000, were sent to the lands of Shu. This includes Zhao Gao, QD’s closest eunuch in the harem as seen in the panel. As he plays an important role to the fall of Qin post-unification, I wonder how he will return to king’s side later in the story.
  • With that, it marks the end of Rao Ai’s rebellion.
  • As for Ryofui, his punishment is still being discussed. When asked about the future of Qin by Saitaku, even Ryofui cannot think give him an answer as Sei is stepping into the unknown, something that nobody had done in the past 500 years.
  • As Ryofui praises Sei, he mentioned that Sei is his son, which gave everyone around him a huge shock. The author then addresses this by quoting Shiji as some of the biographies within ShiJi mentioned that Sei is Ryofui’s son. However, Ryofui ended up saying that it seems impossible to match the pregnancy date no matter how hard he tries, meaning that Sei is not his biological son(which ShiJi also mentioned).
  • Meanwhile, Sei went to visit his mother in her prison. Seeing QD, who probably collapsed from her sorrow, Sei was reminded of his dark times in Zhao. He then told QD that he secretly sent her 2 children away, and will bring them back to her side when everything is settled down. This matter is only known to very few people and if it is exposed, the 2 children wil have to be executed immediately.

It is interesting on how Hara sensei deals with the 2 kids in Kingdom as they both died in recorded history. Killing them would be too cruel for the supposedly kind Sei that Hara sensei wishes to portray. It would be much more interesting if these 2 kids plays a major role in the future, such as growing up becoming the rebel leaders that eventually overthrow the Qin emperor. Possible candidates includes Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, Liu Bang or even Xiang Yu(assuming the child is adopted by the Xiang family of Chu).


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