Ch438 Summary

Ch438: The time to soar
-Sei was surpried to see Shin on top of the usual castle.
-Shin was concerned about QD and Ryo. Sei says that QD’s problem is settled while Ryo’s influence is so great that it will take at least half a year to punish him.
-They then start to reminicise their past, from the time they met during Seikyo’s rebellion to the battle of Sai when Sei’s speech motivated the people.
-With Ryo down the path to unification will be open and the time of sufferring will come.
-SHK has devised a plan to unite China, which has a time limit of 15 years, meaning Qin will unite China within the next 15 years.
-While this sounds crazy as none of the states have fallen, Sei says that he will start by revolutionizing the employment policy, opening doors to anyone with talent from all states, gathering resources, and eventually reviving the 6 generals. He wants Shin to promise him that he will clinch a position in the 6 generals.

Fun Fact: Qin united China in 221BC and its only 238BC now. SHK miscalculated because he did not take into account his own rebellion.<—Major Spoilers. Highlight the text to see. 

Update: Kingdom on a break next week!


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