Ch437 Spoilers

Last 2 pages of 437: Probably happened after the execution


Translation of the spoilers credits to DarkLordOfKichiku:
First of those two last pages:

Sei: You have lost everything, but…

Sei: Either way…

Sei: Your journey is over.

Sei: The journey that was a path of thorns you walked barefooted… Is finally…

Sei: ………….

Sei: Mother…

Page 2:

Sei: Your two children were secretly brought out of the palace/city.

Sei: As long as it isn’t detected, their lives will soon be out of danger’s reach. Only a few knows about it.

Sei: I do now know how many years it will be, but when all of China has been conquered

Sei: Those two will be sent for, that’s for certain.

Sei: So please…

Sei: (the resolution of the picture prevents me from seeing which kanji in the next last picture is, and the very last speechbubble is too blurry)

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