Ch436 Summary

Ch436: The last request



-as QD begs Sei to spare her 2 children, she starts to reminicise her past.

-Her dark days in Kantan after marrying to the Qin prince and later returning to Qin did not give her any salvation or color in her life. That is until she met Rao Ai, who gave her sad life some happiness with the 2 children.

-She understands that Rao Ai’s crimes cannot be forgiven but she wants Sei to spare the kids, which is also her first and last request to Sei as a mother.

-Sei denies her request as he does not want to leave any seeds for future rebellion. QD pulls out a dagger in anger but was stopped by the guards.

-Kou steps in and counters QD,saying that Sei is also QD’s own son, begging her to also spare some thought and love for him just like she did for the other 2 children as she is also Sei’s only mother.

-Rao Ai interrupted and begs QD to give up, reminding her that they did prepare to sacrifice everything the night they started the rebellion. He also wants QD not to worry as he will look after the 2 children on the other side. With that he thank QD for bringing happiness into his lifea and walk towards the execution chariots.


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