Ch435 Summary

Ch435: The end of internal strife



  • Chapter starts with Qin and Chu battling near the borders, with the Chu forces retreating reluctantly.
  • Mouten then confirms that Chu’ s invason is linked to the state of Ai’s rebellion as they both begun and ended at the same time. Ouhon finds it strange that Chu is helping a weak state. Mouten says that it is an important event for Qin and with this victory Qin will be moving to the next stage of its plan.
  • Back in You, RaoAi confessed to all its crimes including Ryofui’s involvement. However he denied QD’s involvement in the forging of the royal seal.
  • QD appeared and confessed to the involvement on the forging of the royal seal and dared Sei to punish her instead, which Sei refused.
  • When QD asked about what will happen to her other 2 children, Sei says that he must not keep them alive to prevent  the possibility of future rebellion
  • QD then kneeled down and begged for her children’s mercy

5 thoughts on “Ch435 Summary

  1. Sei the hero ,how clams to unify China, in the next chapter needs to brook the history. I heard in history the king orders to kill the Queen, RaoAi and the ‘children’ , which later he falls to full fill his ‘dream’. However, that should not be the end for the manga , it could be done in one condition which would be possible if Sei – the manga king – played his ton in the light as he defined the human nature.
    I would love to see Sei speared the life of his mother and her children . I would not mined if Sei speared RaoAi because he had taken the fall for the Seal, of course that would be impossible because the relation psychological at the time . but the new borne children had nothing to their father sins.
    The path to the king dream is simple . It is “justice”. Kanki is the simple of injustice. the king path has nothing to do with Kanki sins . Sei should stick with Xin justice to fill his dream.

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    • Im sure the ending would be the same as history where rao ai and the 2 children die while he QD is spared. Then again thats because i saw sei’s answer in the next chapter(sorry for the late reply) where he justifies his actions by putting the interest of Qin before his own feelings if any.


  2. I often wonder is it fair for us to justify their actions in the past with our current conditions? I mean, they had their own rule, their own way to deal with situations, specially in war, which perhaps doesn’t make sense to us right now. For instance, in this section of this manga’s story, all parties involved in the war understood that betrayal of politician must end up of genocide to all their relatives, not excluding the queen dowager.

    Human thoughts of utopia or ideal state change in time, perhaps to the development of science and technology, and in the end we end up to make our human right definition which was not there when the time of hero and legend.

    I am curious how the historiography of science does its research… Does it justifies history, or do the politicians in power as what happened to Germany+Japan vs. the world and Palestine vs. Israel?

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    • I guess its hard not to judge but i prefer to take a more neutral point of view as like you said it yourself, we tend to judge the actions of people in history from our modern perspective which is unfair for them. The death rate in the warring states era is so high and the moral values are so different that these kind of cruelties might actually be normal to the people then.


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