Ch434 Summary

Perfect timing for the chinese version to show up just before my bed time

ch434: The defeated star

Link: Summary:

-Chapter starts with Ryo’s messenger rushing into You late at night to deliver news from Kanyou

-He reports that Kanyou us safe and the rebels are fleeing from the north pass.

-Sei’s messenger then came in with the news of the safety of the entire harem, including FuSu and the princess.(looks like the crown prince fusu finally made his textual appearance)

-QD then grabbed him and askes about Rao Ai. He replied that Rao Ai probably escaped with the rebels through thrme north pass as they could not find him. QD collapsed upon hearing that

-Ryofui then gracefully admitted his total defeat

-Meanwhile at the north pass, kanki and co. destroyed the rebels and torture them by digging their eyes and cutting their limbs. He kept Rao Ai alive and in one piece as that was the only instruction passed down by SHK as he wanted witnesses.

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