Ch433 Summary

The usual chinese scanlation group seems to have some issues and thus the old scanlation team who quitted a year ago is doing the scanlation this week.

Ch433: The Collapse of Strategy
-Ten gave the order to open up their encirclement of the rebels in order to let them escape as their main objective is not to kill the rebels but to save Kanyou.
-After opening the encirclement on the east side, the Qin forces spread rumors of Kanki and Moubu returning to Kanyou as reinforcements, striking fear in the rebels and forcing them to flee.
-Rao Ai fell off from his carriage as they started to flee, crying as he cannot fulfill his promise to QD.
-Hanoki’s plan to take the head of the crown prince was stopped by the black cavalry(SHK’s elite forces). He then retreats.
-As the rebels retreated, Shin met up with SBK and SHK, asking about the situation of the coronation ceremony. SHK told Shin that the ceremony was conducted successfully, Kanyou is now safe and Ryofui will take some of the blame for the rebellion, which means his reputation will be down the drain forever.
-Shin then asked SHK why he decided to betray Ryofui. SHK explained that he is also interested in the unification. Moreover, he thinks Sei is a king that can achieve that and thus he decides to put his faith in Sei.
-When Shin asked what will happen to the rebels, Kaioku said that Kanki is now on the way back from the Qin-Zhao borders, and will deal with the rebels near Kankoku pass.
-With that, Shin breath a sigh of relief as SBK and co. cries over the first ever complete victory of the king’s faction over the 9 years of power struggle.

In other news:

-Volumes 1-38 of Kingdom broke the 12 million mark in total sales.

-Kingdom is the 26th most popular manga in the first half of 2015 with ~1.1million in sales(

-There was a variety talk show, AmeTalk,  on Kingdom recently(28 May). Since I don’t understand Japanese, I don’t have much idea what they are talking about but it seems that some of the guests were cosplaying the characters in the manga and they were touching on almost every part of the story without much care of spoilers/gore/sexual stuff. Either way, it seems like a good promotion for Kingdom to the audience. Hopefully i can find some sort of summary of it or even the subbed version and see if there are any important/interesting information revealed there. Apparently, the sales of Kingdom was boosted quite a lot due to the airing of this program.

Link to video:
Do inform me if the video is removed or whatsoever.

Link to tieba discussion with some pictures:


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