*Archive* Summary of the First 7 arcs of Kingdom

This post is just to archive the outdated summary I did in mangafox. It summarizes the first 7 arcs of the story.

I skipped the first 2 arcs as when i did the summary, the anime already showed them and Kingdom’s anime was more popular than the manga then and I assume people were brought to the manga from the anime just like it did to me(Fun fact: Kingdom had only 16 english chapters when i found the manga). When I first started reading the manga, the Chinese/Japanese raws were already at chapter 300+, somewhere around the Kanmei/Moubu duel in the Coalition war. Since I couldn’t find a reliable scanlator group to join and help scanlate more of the english chapters, I decided to make a summary of the story and update it periodically for those interested. It later became a weekly summary instead of clogging everything in 1 single post in mangafox. I stopped updating this around end 2013/early 2014 due to the reasons stated at the end of Part 5.

Since this is after all my hard work and stuff, I guess i should just put it here for archiving purposes. The links below still go to mangafox and the names are in Chinese pinyin instead of Japanese romanji. I am not going to bother updating them due to the fact that I am putting this here purely for archiving purposes instead of utility purposes.

Do read if you are interested but if you have caught up with the manga, you should find neither new information nor spoilers here. As usual, if you have any questions, do feel free to ask.

Hi guys, if you cant wait for the English scanlation to catch up to the raws, you can click the links below to read the raws.

Part 1: Raws
Japanese Raws(Volume 23 onwards): http://raw.senmanga.com/Kingdom/
Chinese Scanlations(Updated to the latest chapter): http://en.dm5.com/manhua-wangzhetianxia/

If you can’t find certain chapters in the Chinese website, do refer to Post #50 of this thread for the links.

Part 2: Summary
If you can’t read Chinese or Japanese, which im sure most of you here couldn’t, feel free to read my rough summary below. The summary might not be 100% accurate as im writing it based on my memory of reading the manga but the major events in the story are definitely accurate. I will be using Chinese names as im more familiar with them. If you are confused with the names, do refer to this chart done by turnipfarmers: Chart

Please pardon my english as im not a native english speaker.

*SPOILERS ALERT*, you have been warned.

Part 2.1: Summary of KINGDOM. Up to chapter 365

Firstly, if you’ve watched the anime, it is much much much less gory than the manga with plenty of details missing. Heads and body parts were flying around the battlefield in the manga. The assassin arc was omitted too. I will leave out the details of the war and tactics used as im sure the anime/manga can show them better than my words.

1st arc: The Meeting of the Original Trio

As seen in anime episode 1-15/16. Didnt read the manga for this arc.

2nd arc, Qin vs Wei
As seen from episode 17-22.

3rd arc: The Assassins(omitted from the anime)

When qiang lei came to find xin and diao(as seen in ep23), she is supposed to warn xin to stay away from the palace as there will be different groups of assassins going into the palace to assassinate Zheng. After Xin disposed of most of them, Qiang Lei appears and wants to assassinate Zheng. Xin and Qiang Lei battled but he lost after taking damge from her sword dance.However, Xin refused to let her kill Zheng by protecting him with his own life. Qiang Lei gave up and escaped the palace. Diao chased her(and she kinda knew Lei was a girl) and thats when she told diao about her background story(as seen in episode 23). In fact the assassins were hired by Lubuwei to assassinate Zheng. The next day, Lubuwei entered the palace and apologized for not protecting Zheng last night. This arc basically shows the political struggle zheng is facing as he could not apprehend Lubuwei despite knowing the fact that he was behind the assassination as Lubuwei held too much power in the court.

Another part of the manga omitted from the anime:
Diao saw the successes of Xin and Zheng and wanted to achieve something too. Thus she went to a tactician school reccommended by Qiang Lei when they met in the assassin arc.When she finally reach the school, she realised it was run by 1 of lu bu wei’s 4 pillars, lord chang ping. she met meng yi(son of meng wu, 1 of lu bu wei 4 pillars) who is also studying there.

4th arc: Zhao vs Qin
This is shown in the anime from episode 25/26 onwards.
The army of zhao led by Pang Nuan,one of the new 3 heavenlies of zhao, invaded Qin city of Ma Yang(马央) and Ma Yang(马阳). The second words sound different in Chinese. General Wang Yi will lead the battle along with Meng Wu. Xin’s 100 men company/squadron will be formed. His comrades from the previous campaign will join him as section commanders and Qiang Lei will return as his lieutenant and tactician as Xin is really just a guy with brawn and no brains. Xin’s squadron will be named Fei Xin squadron by Wang Yi. Expect a spartan ‘300’ style of war in this campaign. meanwhile Diao and Meng Yi will be observing the battle and learning the tactics used in the war from an abandoned outpost somewhere nearby. General Wang Yi and Zhao’s general, Pang Nuan, had a feud as Pang Nuan killed Liao(1 of the 6 great generals).Liao is in fact a girl and a daughter of king zhao and a fiancee of Wang Yi. The war will conclude with qin’s near victory when Wang Yi and the Qin army cornered Zhao’s army with a final showdown between the 2 generals in a strategic landscape. The story’s main protagonist, Li Mu, appears at this time in the battlefield to backstab the Qin army and Pang Nuan manage to critically injure Wang Yi after Wang Yi took an arrow in his back from a backstabbing archer. The Qin army fled in the end and Wang Yi died eventually.He handed his command of his army to his lieutenant, Teng, and his spear to Xin. This is probably the saddest moment in the story so far. Xin will eventually use that spear when he grows up(as seen from xin’s portrait in the first chapter) but as of now it is still too heavy for him to use it. Xin will be promoted to a commander of 300 men(battalion commander?) after this campaign.

5th arc: Qin vs Wei (again)
Not long after the battle ended, Li Mu showed up in Qin for a truce in exchange for a hostage that Qin kidnapped from Zhao. Now having a truce with Zhao, Qin’s target turned towards Wei again. General Meng Ao(Meng Wu’s dad and Meng Yi’s grandfather) will lead the Qin army in this battle against Wei’s general Lian Po. Lian Po’s used to be a general from Zhao kingdom but he escaped to Wei after the famous battle of Chang Ping(you can google about this battle if interested) with Qin years ago. Meng Ao is a very mediocre general on his own. His 2 lieutenants, Wang Jian and Huan Yi, are however very talented generals and acts as his sword and shield in campaigns. this campaign will showcase their talents and Meng Ao’s rivalry with Lian Po. Xin’s rivals, Wang Ben(Wang Jian’s son) and Meng Tian (Meng Wu’s other son and Meng Ao’s grandson) will be introduced. The three of them will end up to be the next generation of generals when they grow up. Both of them are commanders of 300 men similar to Xin. The 3 of them will be promoted to 1000 men commander after Lian Po’s lieutenant, Lun Hu, sneaked into the Qin camp and assassinated many of the 1000-men commanders the night before the battle starts. The battle will conclude with a duel between Lian Po and Meng Ao. Meng Ao was losing the duel but Lian Po was losing the war and thus he retreated his army and admitted defeat. Meng Ao lost an arm in the duel too. Before Lian Po left, he tossed Lu Hu’s crescent blade to Xin, giving it to him. Qiang Lei left to seek revenge for her sister after this campaign. However, Diao returned as Xin’s tactician soon after.

6th arc: Qin vs The 5-state Alliance
The latest and probably the most epic arc so far in the story. After the invasion of Wei, the 6 other kingdoms in China realised Qin’s threat and formed an alliance against Qin led by Lord Chun Shen(of Chu) and Li Mu. The 6 kingdoms sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers for this invasion and Qin borders fell within days. Through political relations, Qin manage to persuade the furthest kingdom, Qi, to call off their attacks. However the other 5 kingdoms did not stop. Attacks came from all directions and Qin have to retreat back to their final stronghold, Han Gu Pass. The battle of Han Gu Pass was an epic one. All the generals of Qin were there to defend the pass and there were many new generals introduced from the different kingdoms too. Siege weapons were used and there were plenty of sophisticated tactics. Qin manage to defend the pass in the end but Li Mu manage to sneak an army to the south path, back-dooring through the mountains while the alliance army retreated to a safe distance. As most of the Qin soldiers were at Han Gu Pass, Li Mu’s force met almost no resistance at the south path. Just when his army was reaching XianYang, Qin’s capital, Lord Biao and Xin led a small force of around 5000 to the south path and attack Li Mu from the back as Lord Biao sensed something wrong when the alliance army retreated. Li mu manage to use his tactic to weaken and disperse Lord Biao’s army. Lord Biao manage to reach Li Mu admist the chaos but Li Mu summoned his secret weapon, Pang Nuan. Pang Nuan had a duelled with Lord Biao and Lord Biao was no match for him. Lord Biao was killed in action(sigh another general dead). Before his death, Lord Biao passed his shield to Xin, and ordered him to return and defend Xianyang. With the news of Li Mu’s forces closing in on XianYang and having most of the Qin generals and army stationed at Han Gu pass, Zheng decided to lead the rest of the Qin army in XianYang to the last castle, Zui, located at the east of Xianyang. Meanwhile, Fei Xin force and the remnants of Lord Biao’s army were chased by Li Mu’s forces and manage to arrive at Zui. Xin met Zheng again and after some morale boosting talk and preparation, they defend against the onslaught of Li Mu’s forces. By the 7th day, Li Mu sent all his troops out for a final attack, successfully breaching Zui. Yang DuanHe and her men from the mountains arrived at Zui just at the nick of time. Yang DuanHe and her men charged from the cliff they were on, quickly annihilating the Zhao forces located at the west of Zui. The situation was disadvantageous for Li Mu so he was planning to retreat his army when Pang Nuan appeared and started chopping down the enemies. Yang DuanHe noticed Pang Nuan’s and charged towards him but Xin appeared between them, challenging Pang Nuan to a duel. Pang Nuan received a stab wound on his chest and a slash would to his face from the duel while Xin broke a rib. Meanwhile, Jin ChengChang, Li Mu’s lieutenant, reminds Li Mu that he should order the retreat and hesitate no more. With that, Li Mu orders the retreat and Pang Nuan was forced to return, telling Xin that he will remember his name. Jin ChengChang sacrificed himself to ensure the 2 heavenlies of Zhao can retreat safely. With the Zhao army retreating from Zui, Zheng thanked Yang DuanHe and the battle of Zui draws to a close, with the mountain folks returning to the mountains. 3 days later, Li Mu arrived at the alliance base camp and had a meeting with the alliance leaders. Dissatisfied with the result of the invasion, the alliance army then proceed to attack Qi and took the castle of RaoAn. Before they could proceed further, Meng Wu led the Qin army and attacked the alliance army from their backs, forcing the alliance to retreat and dissolve officially. Xin was then promoted to 3000-man commander in an award ceremony 1 month later. A 1000-man commander from the ex-Biao army, Yue Lei, joined Xin’s unit with 500 of ex-Biao soldiers. Wang Ben and Meng Tian were promoted to 3000 and 2000 man commander respectively.

7th arc: Qiang Lei’s revenge
It was explained that Qiang Lei met up with the ex-member of the Qiang tribe, Qiang Ming, who is now an external contact for the tribe. She directed Qiang Lei to the mountains where You Lian resides. It turns out that You Lian had leaked her location on purpose to lure Qiang Lei to the mountains so she could ambush her with You-tribe assassins. Qiang Lei took out half of the assassins easily an realises the remaining assassins are preparing their swords dance. Qiang Lei killed a few of the remaining assassins but had to activate her dance to take care of the rest. She then charged towards You Lian when she was close. Using her deepest breath, Qiang Lei still failed to even hurt You Lian, who did not even activate her dance. On the verge of defeat, Qiang Lei remembered Xin and friends which revived her, ready for the next round of the duel. Using the technique created by her sister, Qiang Lei reaches the maximum possible speed that she can go, surpassing even her body’s limit. Just before her body gave way, she stabbed You Lian from her back. After risking her life to kill You Lian, she disposed of You Lian’s body to prevent the ritual from happening again when the elders found out about the death of the Chi You. With her revenge complete, she prepares to return to Fei Xin Force, after 392 days of absence.

My comments:

Up to this point of the story, it seems like Xin will inherit more equipment from veteran generals in the future as somehow he will jinx every commander he follows lol(Bo HuShen, Wang Yi, Lord Biao). He currently has Wang Yi’s spear, Lun Hu’s crescent blade and Lord Biao’s shield. According to history, Bi and Meng Ao will die in the next 2 years. We shall see what happens next…
Part 2.2: Side stories
Side Story 1: “Meng Wu and Chu Zi”
Link to the translated manga: http://mangafox.me/manga/meng_wu_and_chu_zi/

Side story 2: “Li Mu”
Link to the translated manga: http://mangafox.me/manga/li_mu/

Hidden ending not shown in the side story: After Li Mu went back to Yan Men, he continued his defensive strategy until one day, he led the forces of Yan Men and probably some reinforcements from the central army to attack the Xiong Nus. 100,000 Xiong Nus were killed(as described by Yang Duan He). After that he led his men from Yan Men as reinforcements to assist Pang Nuan in the 4th arc of the main story, resulting in the death of everyone’s favourite general.

Side story 3: “Xin and Princess Fei Cui”
Link to the translated manga: http://mangafox.me/manga/kingdom/v23/c250.5/1.html

Part 3: Other Stuff
General historical facts.
Ying Zheng united China in 221BC.
Current year in the manga: 238BC.

As most characters in Kingdom existed in actual Chinese history, do feel free to refer to this thread if you would like more information about them: The Ultimate Fact’s Thread on Kingdom Characters

Part 4: Interesting/Useful Links
Chapter 1, Xin as a Great General in the future
3rd-4th arc, Chapter 106, the 6 Great Generals(1) and (2)
4th arc, Chapter 172, inheritance of Wang Yi’s spear and death of Wang Yi(1) and (2)
5th arc, Chapter 234, Lian Po, one of the best generals in China
6th arc, Chapter 268, the epic gathering of all the Qin generals
6th arc, Chapter 269, generals of the alliance army(1)and (2)
6th arc, Chapter 277, General Huan Yi, standing at the top of Han Gu Pass above the alliance army
6th arc, Chapter 325, inheritance of Lord Biao/Duke Hyou’s shield and death of Lord Biao/Duke Hyou(1) and (2)
Official Kingdom Guidebook(in Japanese)
Official Kingdom guidebook, Xin with sword+Wang Yi’s spear+better armour
Kingdom Images and Fanarts
Ch 355: List of rewards for the Qin generals.

Part 5: Change log
29 Nov 2013: 367 summary: Click. Added link to rewards translation for Ch355. Removed the summary of the side stories and replaced them with links to the translated version instead(the 20000 character limit is really annoying)
13 Nov 2013: 366 summary: Click
8 Nov 2013: Click here for 365 summary by DarkLordOfKichiku
31 Oct 2013: As 364 is a transition chapter, i will not update the summary with it’s contents. However i’ve summarised 364 here: Link

Note: Im not updating the summary anymore due to the following reasons:
1)The translations are catching up/caught up to the raws so i dont see a need to continue
2)DarkLordofKichiku is doing a full translation and im doing a summary to every chapter in this thread.
3)I doubt many of you know this but there is a 20000 character limit to every individual post and this post has hit the limit.


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