Ch433 Spoilers

Ch433 spoilers:
Some information i undestand from the Japanese summary:

-After the fall of the duke of Juuteki, the ragtag rebel army start to fall apart and escape.
-The Queen Dowager collapse in tears as the news of her failed rebellion reaches her.
-Hanoki escapes.
-SHK and Shin met up and discussed something about the coronation ceremony(?)
-Something about the current king and the unification of China
-Something about the escaping rebelling army being cleaned up by Kanki’s men at Kankoku Pass.
-The king’s faction warriors shed tears of delight after their victory as they can finally end the decade long power struggle between the king and Ryofui.

Full summary of the chapter will be out when the Chinese chapter is out later/tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Ch433 Spoilers

  1. King, care to explain why chapter 433 is so long to release? this makes me going crazy for these past two days..checking mangamint almost every one-two hours…hahaha

    sorry, I can’t open mangafox since it has been banned from my ISP.


    • I have no idea. The release speed is always depending on the speed of the Chinese scanlators. They usually release their scanlations whenever they are ready and rarely update us on their progress. There isn’t a way to contact them so the only way is to wait.


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