Ch432 Summary

Ch432: The Dusk of the Final Battle
-With SHK’s tactics distracting Juuteki’s men at the side, SHK is charging straight for Juuteki.
-Juuteki realizes that there is no escape and decides to stay and fight, charging past SHK, towards SHK’s behind him.
-SHK fortifies his vanguard and braces for the impact with Juuteki’s forces that are charging out.
-Juuteki knows that with his death the rebels will outside Kanyou will fall, therefore he wants his lieutenant to remember this hatred and pass it down to his tribesman so they can avenge him 100 years from now. With that, Juuteki charges towards SHK and got his arm, and soon after, his head cut off. It seems Duke Juuteki’s real name is Wa Tie Ji(in chinese translation) as his men called out to him.
-With Duke Juuteki’s head down on the ground, Kaioku announces the victory of the Qin forces outside the city.

Kingdom is on a break next week


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