Kingdom 431 Summary

Ch431: The charge of reversal



-SHK continues to show off his combat skills by killing seemingly important rebel commanders as he charges nearer and nearer to Juuteki’s HQ

-Realizing that his tactics of moving the HQ was a mistake as it exposed him to attacks from the back, Juuteki had no choice but to fight SHK head on. He ordered a two-pronged attack on SHK’s unit.

-SBK and Heki were still stunned by SHK’s combat abilities. Kaioku explained that SHK’s strength is on par with Moubu and brain power is on par with Riboku. He also reminded them that SHK was from Chu and not Qin.

-After the short explanation, an enemy cavalry platoon charge towards Heki and co. from their side.

-However, Huang Long, apparently a subordinate of Kaioku, led a counter attacked on the cavalry platoon from their side.

-Noticing the weakness on the left side of the Qin forces, Juuteki’s forces prepared to strike from there. While Heki decided to lead 200 of his own forces to defend against that, SHK’s personal personal black cavalry emerged from the gates of Kanyou to deal with them before Heki could take action.

-Mouki and later Ten realizes that SHK is using the tactic: “Encirclement of Thunder” against Juuteki. Ten instructed Shang Lu (Heki’s general friend, forgot his Japanese name) to rally the soldiers nearby and form a wall in front of her. Shang Lu disagrees as that will mean severely thinning their forces but Ten insists that it is the right decision.

-Kaioku explains “Encirclement of Thunder” is a tactic used in a big battlefield where the friendly forces build a wall of soldiers on 3 sides of the enemy army, preventing the enemy commander from escaping, while the commander leads the elite forces and strike from the remaining side, aiming to take the head of the enemy commander.

-As they already secured the left and right side of the battlefield, Kaioku thinks that is the best they could do as the other side of the battlefield is in chaos due to the ongoing battle. However, Ten’s decision of forming a wall successfully completed the “Encirclement of Thunder”, trapping Juuteki within it.


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